The Many Addictions of Chloe - An Original Comedy Series


By: Andrea Ridgeway




The Many Addictions of Chloe is a new, edgy, R-rated, comedy series written by Andrea Ridgeway. We met (and exceeded) our Indie Gogo goal to make the first part of this package. To look at the completed footage see the 1.5 and 6.5 minute teaser trailer and sizzle reel below.

The final footage looks fantastic! I am so excited to get this into festivals, over to finance investors, studios, and executive producers. 

Please follow the series on Twitter, "Like" us on Facebook, and share with as many friends and family as possible. Without you this series would not be possible. 














THANK YOU TO OUR FIRST DONATORS!!!! Max and Laura Bessler!!!!!!!!!!! A huge amount to get us kicked off!

We've got our second donation from Amy Arrow, actress, and fellow filmmaker, thank you Amy!!!!!

Thank you so much Susana Hayman-Chaffey, a very generous donation by her is really going to help!

Thank you Billy McNamara, super talented actor, with a contribution!

Thank you Alix Phillips, gorgeous lady, for a donation!!!!!

Thank you Nick Kuhl, super smart business man, for a very helpful donation!!!!

And then our amazing graphic artist, Yiqun Chen with a huge donation!! Thank you!!!!!!

And the beautiful @ElizabethRowin for donating all the way from China, thank you!!!!!!

Thank you to the lovely @SummeraHowell for your contribution to the campaign!!! You are an amazing actress and person!!!

Thank you to the amazing actress/supporter @ShawnKathKane for your contribution to the campaign!!!

Thank you to Linda T Key for your support!!! So kind and generous of you!

Thank you to one of my biggest fans and supporters Amanda Rowley for being so sweet and kind. I love you!!!!

Thank you to the very talented Australian actress Arianne Hough (aka Flossie Flossington) for your support! 

Thank you so much Virginia (Ginny) Williams for your kindness and generosity!!!!

Thank you Anthony Sherritt, very talented filmmaker, for your support!!!

So sweet of Keri Bunkers to donate!!! Thank you so much, talented and funny actress!

Thank you Ashley Gomez!!! You re so sweet! Super smart nurse~!

Thank you Raymond Holdridge II !!! Incredible actor!

Thank you John Santos!!! Super smart salesman~!

Thank you Nattika Apinun!!!

Thank you Jose Diaz-Oldenburg!!! Talented filmmaker and writer!

Thank you Michael Goren!!! Amazing Dentist and businessman!

Thank you Daniela Dimase! Smart and sexy eentrepreneur, producer, actress~!

Thank you Erasmo Licano - super talented businessman!

Thank you Lungtao Chang! Amazing cinematographer/editor/filmmaker!

Thank you Amy Burkow~! Smart, beautiful, and kind teacher and friend. 

Thank you Larissa Leitner for being such a great friend, entrepreneur, brewmaster, and businesswoman!

Thank you Mirella Chimeri; gorgeous, hilarious and sophisticated lady!

Thank you Marshall Cohen! Super smart salesman!

Thank you Amber Egelston - amazing mother,wife, friend, and teacher.

Thank you Joseph Haldiman - smart, enertetic and talented businessman~!

Thank you JP Brown - hilarious comedian and actor!

Thank you Bryan Slade - talented singer/dancer/businessman!

Thank you Dana B - super sexy musician and singer!

Thank you Alex Kelly - hardworking, intelligent lawyer!

Thank you Angelina Sol - gorgeous singer, filmmaker, businesswoman, and entrepreneur!

Thank you Stephen Magliaro and family! Amazing friend, dad, husband, and comedian!

Thank you Vince Reign and Mira Jordan - best friends for life and amazing actors!

Thank you Olivier Rivest - amazing cameraman/director!

Thank you Malee Nerenhausen - hilarious producer!

Thank you Mike Baker - amazing friend, dad, and talented businessman!!!!

Thank you Luke Rotvold - super cool businessman, husband, and friend!

Thank you Laura Bessler -  for being the best mother in the world; a fantastic grandmother, supporter, and never-ending supporter!!!

Thank you Mragendra Singh - amazing director/filmmaker!!!

Thank you Nika Khitrova - gorgeous and talented actress!

Thank you Amy Searcy!!!!! Amazing actress and yoga instructor!

Thank you Michael Conroy - Celebrity Vegan Chef, animal lover, author, and businessman!!!!!!!

Thank you Amos Rodriguez - kind friend and teacher!!!

Thank you Zeke Hindle - hilarious actor!!!

Thank you Emily Johnson - intelligent and kind lady!

Thank you Scott Vogel - funny producer/actor!

Thank you Bivas Biswas - talented actor/engineer!

Thank you Rashawn Strife - filmmaker/actor/solder! Thank you for your service!

Thank you Richard Petrillo - amazing photographer who took my very first headshots!!!

Thank you Brian Roth - talented filmmaker and cowboy!

Thank you Brett Burkhart - talented comedian!

Thank you Vivi Farelli - amazing and kind businesswoman, journalist, and clairvoyant!

Thank you Tanim Hussain - super smart technician/businessman!

Thank you Jonathan Bossle -  incredible producer/husband/friend!

Thank you Scott and Lou Fuller - kind, authentic world travelers and amazing parents!

Thank you Robert Feugate - super talented actor!

Thank you Lane Carlson - sharp and talented actor!

Thank you Holger Moncada - kind, genuine, and talented actor!

Thank you Soup Pha - talented musician, teacher, counselor, singer/songwriter!

Thank you Nancy Wetzel - beautiful aunt, mother, and teacher!

Thank you Motown Maurice - talented and smart filmmaker and late night talk show host!

Thank you Hemina Kapadia - gorgeous actress!

Thank you Jeff Rector - smart businessman and actor~!

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