Meet Gertrude, the hormonal teenager in angst, and her tyrant mother, Mary Alice.

The views expressed by the characters are not reflective

of the views of the filmmakers or Andrea Ridgeway.

Episode 1 - Mary Alice catches Gertrude leaving the house looking like a streetwalker.

Episode 2 - Mary Alice discovers Gertrude with her new boyfriend smoking and listening to rap music.

Episode 3 - Gertrude gets caught buying weed in the park. Mary Alice experiments with the evidence.

Episode 4 - Gertrude's gay friend shows Gertie (Gertrude) the promise ring he bought his boyfriend. Mary Alice think's he's proposing.

Episode 5 - Mary Alice finds Gertrude flirting in the park with a much older looking man. Mary Alice has a heart attack.

Episode 6 - Gertrude is caught drinking booze in broad daylight. Mary Alice falls and cannot get up.