As a student in the Advanced Level at The Groundlings, Andrea has created a repertoire of sketch comedy characters. You can view some of them here, and some of them on her YouTube Channel. There are always more being developed and/or polished which are coming soon.

Should you choose to explore these characters, please feel free to answer any of the following questions in the comments section below the video on the YouTube Channel

Checking out all of the different characters on this website? Which character(s) are your favorites and do you like best?

Watching Gertrude and Her Tyrant Mother? Which character from all the sketches do you like best? What should Gertrude get caught doing next (must be reasonable and PG-13!)? 

Watching Rants By Nance? Which rant do you appreciate most? What rant do you have that you want to be seen given justice by Nance?

Are you an actor/writer/producer/director that wants to collaborate? Well then hit Andrea up! She would probably love to meet you, or hear your ideas. Please don't be crazy in a bad way.

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