Meet Jue: Your trusted dance advisor. Do you need help on the dance floor? Allow Jue to help you gain confidence with your dance skills! Seminars coming soon to Kauai, Maui, and Cancun! Volume WAY up on this page for maximum enjoyment!


Ad 1:  S.O.S.Band - Take Your Time (Do It Right)

Ad 2: Bruce Channel - Hey Baby

Ad 3: Nu Shooz - I Can't Wait

Ad 4: Beach Boys - I Get Around

Ad 5: Bamboleo - Gipsy Kings


Updates on Recent Seminar + Moves Taught In Hawaii 

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80's Episode Part 2!

What To Do If Angry Music Plays (while on dance floor)

How to Deal With New Modern Tunes

Funky Tunes + Using Movements of Every Day Activities as Dance Inspiration/Help

Winter (off season) Part 1

Winter (off season) Part 2

How To Handle When They Play Uncomfortable Music (on the dance floor) 

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